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AWM Education Committee

The Education Committee of the AWM is concerned with teaching at all levels and assists other committees and agencies with making national policy statements about mathematics. Information from the committee appears in the Newsletter education column.

At the Orlando Joint Mathematics Meetings in January, 1996, then-president Chuu-Lian Terng appointed the AWM Education Committee. The charge of the committee is to:

  • Provide a forum for an informed discussion of topics on women in mathematics education.
  • Inform and make recommendations to the President and the Executive Committee on matters relating to the cultivation, advancement and support of participation of women in mathematics education.
  • Promote the mathematics education of girls and women.
  • Identify areas in which the Association may develop activities to serve the needs of women in mathematics education.
  • Articulate concerns from the perspectives of women on issues related to mathematics education and disseminate information on gender issues in the mathematics classroom.
  • Encourage cross-professional communications and cooperation in working towards the improvement of education in mathematics at all levels.
  • Establish contact with committees with a specific interest in women in mathematics education of other organizations.
Further information on the founding of the committee is in the AWM Newsletter, March/April 1997.

AWM has formed an Association Review Group (ARG) to assist with the national effort, led by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, to delineate standards for K-12 education in the US.

Special sessions on issues in education have been cosponsored by AWM and the Mathematicians for Education Reform (MER) at the Joint Mathematics Meetings. For example, a session "What Can We Do to Smooth the Road of Women in Mathematics?" is planned for the Joint Meetings at San Antonio, Wednesday, January 13, 1999. (Click here for the entire schedule of AWM events at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in January, 1999.)

Committee members

For more information or to bring issues to the attention of the committee, contact committee chair Pao-sheng Hsu ( ).


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