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An estimate will be issued to this individual for approval; if needed, please include any other email contacts in the comments/feedback section below.


Billing Information

Payment Method:    Send Bill    Purchase Order   Credit Card  ( Mastercard or Visa )

Purchase Order Number:    ( if applicable )

Credit Payments:    Those wishing to pay by credit card should provide the contact information of the credit card holder below. Additional instructions for credit payments will be provided once the order has been confirmed with the Online Ads Coordinator.

Billing Address:    Use the contact information above?   Yes    No
  If No, please fill in the billing address below.

Membership/Sponsorship:   AWM Institutional Members and AWM Institutional Sponsors receive advertising discounts of 10% to 50% off. AWM will apply the appropriate discount when billing, based on our membership records at that time.

Online Advertisement:  Classified Ad or Job Link Ad format

Desired Starting Date:
    As Soon As Possible    
Desired Ending Date:
    60 Days from Starting Date    
Tip: You may choose any starting and ending dates by adjusting the date selection boxes above. For example, it may be useful to select an ending date on or close to the closing date given in your ad(s). If you choose durations shorter than 60 days, for billing purposes 60 days will remain the minimum for calculating the cost.

     Minimum $100 for 60 days

Title and Institution:
Reminder: Your Job Link's destination URL needs to refer to the AA/EEO designated job announcement you wish to advertise. For examples, see If you are requesting an online classified ad, these fields should be left blank.

     Minimum $150 for 100 words, plus $25 for optional graphic, for 60 days

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