A Recent History of the
Association for Women in Mathematics

Jean E. Taylor and Sylvia Wiegand


Why AWM is Still Needed
Social Unacceptability, Teaching vs. Research, Promotions and Reward, Percentages at Elite Institutions, Graduate School Attrition, Disparaging Comments and Discrimination

AWM Activity List for the 1990s
Newsletter, Website, Publications, AWM Workshops, SK Days, Travel Grants, Special Conferences, Lectures, AWM Awards, Panel Discussions, New! Other Meeting Activites,Other Societies, Public Relations, and Education Activies, New! Noetherian Ring Groups, AWM Office, Speakers Bureau, Networking Parties

Issues of the 1990s
Affirmative Action, Two-Body Problem, Children, Nature vs. Nuture, Sexual Harassment, Teaching Evaluations, Policy Matters vs. Individual Cases, Lobbying, International Issues, New! Fundraising

New! Men in the AWM
Two Men Special to AWM, Male Mentors, Articles by Men in the Newsletter, Men and AWM Panels, Men's Concrete Support

New! Interviews with AWM Members

Milestones of the 1990s
Speakers at ICMs, Governance by Women in Mathematical Organizations, Mathematics Competitions

Web Editor's Note: This is an expanded version of a recent article by the same name (click here for PDF version) in Vol. 46, No.1 (January 1999) of AMS Notices. This article will also appear in the AWM Newsletter.

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Jean E. Taylor is a professor of mathematics at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Her email address is taylor@math.rutgers.edu.

Sylvia M. Wiegand is a professor of mathematics at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.
Her email address is swiegand@mathstat.unl.edu.

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